PRECISE Overview: Dry eye (DE) is a debilitating disease that affects quality of life. Signs and symptoms of the disease include decreased tear production, increased evaporation, inflammation, ocular pain, blurry vision, irritation and of course dryness. Many patients have persistent symptoms, because the available clinical therapies are inadequate to manage DE. We are trying to understand whether home environment, such as indoor air pollutants, air circulating bacteria and viruses, heat and humidity are causing persistence of DE signs and symptoms. For this multi-site study, we have been recruiting hundreds of subjects with and without DE signs and symptoms. We offer our real-time air pollution sensors (show to right), conduct comprehensive monitoring of you home air and provide you with a free reports of your indoor air quality. You can participate in this study until Jan 31, 2021 and if you meet the following criteria:
What is required?

1. Home air quality monitoring during the 1st visit
2. Keep our PRECISE air sensor in your home for six months connected to WiFi
3. One eye exam to evaluate your tears at BPEI
4. Weekly dry eye symptom report by web or phone
5. Home air quality monitoring during the 2nd visit and retrieval of PRECISE sensor
Compensation provided! Free Indoor Air Quality Monitoring! Free Tear Film Exam!

To take part in the study you must:
1. Be 18 years or older
2. Be at home and awake for at least 3 hours/day in a given week
3. Have central AC (air conditioning system)
4. Have Wi-Fi in the home for connecting air sensor (PRECISE)
5. No history of autoimmune diseases/disorders such as Sjogrens
The last date to sign up for the study is January 31, 2021
To sign up please contact: Julio Contreras (Email: or Call: 305-962-4583)

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